Unable to add friends in Facebook group

add friends in Facebook group

The “Open” refers to the group’s privacy settings.  This means that the group’s existence and all of its posts are “public”.  A “closed” group is one where someone who has searched could see that the group exists, but only the members can see its posts.  A “secret” group is only visible to the member’s even using search and also of course its posts are only visible to members as well.

The Persons can usually be added to a group by the friends who are the existing members, but the group admin will be notified and can remove them too.  In open and the closed groups, people not already in the group may send requests to join it.  You can also send an “invitation to join group” to other users on your friend list or to someone not on your friend list using e-mail.  An “invitation” doesn’t automatically add the person to the group, rather it prompts them to send a request to join.  However, there seems to be no provision at the present for anyone to add non-friends to a group directly or not.

  • As the group administrator, go to the group page in your Facebook account.
  • From the group page, then click the ‘gear’ icon in the upper right corner, just next to the search icon. This should drop down a menu; choose the “Edit Group” option from there.
  • Then Change the group privacy setting from “Secret” to “Closed” and then save the settings. Also note down that this will notify everyone in the group that you are doing this, so you may want to warn them in advance.
  • Send the url for the group (e.g. http://www.facebook.com/groups/123456789012345/) to the user you want to add in your group.
  • Have that user click the url and then let them add themselves to the group.
  • Accept their request faster you receive their ‘add’ friend request.
  • Switch the group back to “Secret”

Also, this way one can add someone back in their Facebook group.

All the Facebook users are allowed to create groups, which enhance communication and sharing with the small sectors of the Facebook population. The group’s creator chooses the privacy level of the group: either open, secret or closed. The closed privacy setting makes it possible for the nonmembers to find the group in Facebook search and see the member list, but the group page’s content is hidden. The process for adding a group member is the same for all the privacy levels; all the group members can add anyone from his friend list as a group member.